13 April 2024

I've got 10 minutes

 Let's see how much I can get down in that time. 

Well, it's been another week gone by. I tried some things with my laser and they weren't working so that's a bummer. Then I didn't really do anything to get ready for the show I have today.. I have some things, so I'm hoping for the best. I would very much like to actually sell some stuff and make a profit. We shall see how that goes. It's a rescue event and a lot of my stuff is dog related so I'm optimistic. 

It was testing week at school, so pretty uneventful. Did get some things done though and that is always good. 

Not much else to say. Up early to get ready for the show. Going to be a longish day. I just hope things go well. 

Okay, I'm off and it's only been 4 minutes. 

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