14 April 2024

Time for a change?

 So I started this little business about 1.5 years ago. The idea was to make a little side business that would keep me busy when I retire. I didn't want to make a ton of money and I sure don't want to work at it 40 hours a week, but just a little something to keep me busy. So I started making stuff and I started doing craft fairs. What I quickly discovered, and has been proved over and over again, is that craft fairs are hit or miss. And they are mostly miss. There has only been 2 shows where I actually made my booth fee back. Most shows end up costing me more than I make. This was highlighted yesterday. I signed up for a show that was touted as a dog rescue event. I thought to myself, this will be awesome. There will be animal lovers there. There will be people needing things for dogs. This will be great. So I had some leash holders ready to go and some key holders with dog themes plus my onsite engraving. I was ready. More importantly, I was optimistic (as I said yesterday) and thought it would be a good day. UGH!! I was so, so wrong. First, it was in the parking lot of a retirement community. Then there was limited parking available. Finally, they placed the rescues at the entrance to the event. This all resulted in foot (and I use that term loosely) traffic that was primarily people from the retirement community. People interested in adopting stopped at the front and never even made it back to us. I was even giving away free engraved tags and only made 3. It was absolutely horrible. Oh, and it was super hot. The event was supposed to last until 3pm but by noon people were bailing. We started packing up at 1:30. 

After, in the pool, we were talking. I don't think the craft show is the way to go for me. I'm going to have to come out of my self-imposed shell and start putting myself out there. I have some ideas that I just need to follow through on. I wanted to make Lori at the gym a tumbler and show her what I can do. Of course, I was hoping to get my cups from China but that doesn't look like it's going to happen soon. My luck, they are on a ship sitting in Baltimore harbor. But I'm going to put together some marketing emails for some places and try to sell to them. I'm also going to start doing fundraising things and try to drive some traffic to my site. I did get a good lead at the show for a sports cup. I have it coming today and I'm going to mock it up and see what I can do with it. Of course, that means I need to bust out the rotary and learn how to use it on the P2. I also need to learn to use the new software since apparently it is much more powerful than the current software that I'm using. I'm also going to work on my Amazon store. I put up my item and I literally have not been back to check on it at all. I need to work on that, get more things posted. I'm going to start posting in more places, Facebook marketplace, Instagram, maybe even get a TikTok - although I understand they may be going away. I think I need to start working on my marketing. Maybe even approach other gyms and things owned locally. But it is definitely time for a change.

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