11 May 2024

and we are down to two

 weeks that is. Only 2 weeks left in school and we are done. The seniors last week is next week. It's exciting and I can't wait for it to all be over. 

This was a strange year and I'm not completely sure why. The kids were horrible, as in not wanting to work and negotiate for grades. Um, yeah, no. The year seemed to fly by and it felt like I didn't get much done when in actuality I got further then I ever have before. So yeah, it was a strange, strange year. 

For the past few weeks I have been feeling out of sorts. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I just felt not quite right. Then on Thursday I blew up at a kid. I mean blew up. I was not proud of it. I've also been much more tired lately then I've been in a while. Well, yesterday it dawned on me what is happening. I ran out of blood pressure medication about a month ago thanks to work screwing up my health insurance. My health insurance was supposed to stop on March 31st and Medicare began on April 1st. But work screwed it up and didn't cancel it. Since I had canceled my membership in Forward I essentially had no doctor to go to. I was planning on starting with one of those places for seniors, Oak Street Health, but they wouldn't see me with my other insurance still active. While all this was happening, I ran out of blood pressure medication. Took my blood pressure this morning and it is 142/79. It was also up a little bit when I tried to donate blood on May 3rd. So there you have it. Thankfully I have an appointment next Friday so I just need to not take anyone's head off between now and then. 

In other news, I joined this challenge at the gym and I just can't stick to the nutrition plan. It is so much food and so freaking boring. I can't eat 10 eggs for breakfast. I just can't. I can't eat 7.5 oz of meat for any meal. Anyway, I was feeling a little down about that too and I realized it's probably all part of this blood pressure thing.

Anyway, hopefully this will all get straightened out on Friday when I actually get to see the doctor. For now, I'll try to control myself and not blow at anyone. 

Now, I'm off to the gym for a workout. 

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