12 May 2024

Another day, another post

 My heart just wasn't in it yesterday and I thought I would post a little more today. Let's see what happens. 

Not sure I posted about it, but for the last few months my hands have been going numb. It started with the pinky and ring finger side but now it's more the middle 2 fingers. The left side is by far the worst, though it does happen on the right side to a far lesser extent. I bought a freeze sleeve - which is exactly as it sounds - and for a while was freezing my arms every night before bed. I don't do it every night anymore, only when it's really bothering me. So as I'm typing this my left hand is tingling and numbish. I don't know what's going on, but I need to get it looked at. It is very, very annoying. 

I can't find that I ever talked about my medical insurance issue. I decided to go with Medicare because it's a much better deal than the insurance I had at work. So I signed up for Medicare and it started on April 1st. I had contacted work in February that I would be canceling my insurance effective April 1st. They said fine. Ever since we moved from Hawaii, I have missed Kaiser. I loved that I could just call and get in to see my doctor for any reason. Also, they would then refer me to another doctor within Kaiser if necessary. I loved it. It was easy and I didn't have to guess on which doctor to call. I kind of had that with Forward, and I say kind of because it didn't work like I thought it would. The one time that I really, really needed them, a doctor wasn't available and I had to go to the Urgent care clinic. So yeah, wasn't super happy with them. Then I started seeing all these ads for clinics for people on Medicare that sound just like Kaiser. One doctor, you can get in the same day if necessary. It sounds perfect. So I had scheduled an appointment for one of them right around the corner from my house, for April 5th. Well, come April 4th, I get a call from them that my work insurance is still showing as active and they can't see me. Okay. I didn't panic, I thought maybe it just had not gotten into the system yet and I rescheduled for 2 weeks later. Well, the day before the appointment I get a call from the clinic that my work insurance is still showing up. Hmmm, now that is weird. So I wait until the next payday and I check my stub to find out that they were still taking insurance out. I had to contact them and go around and around. They were insisting they cancelled it and I had to show them my pay stub showing the deductions. They finally got it all straightened out. By now though we were heading into the end of the year and things were ramping up. Also, the numbness had gotten to a manageable level. But finally on Friday, I called and made an appointment again. I'm going there next Friday. It's time to get back on track health wise and get this stuff figured out. So yeah, that was my medical insurance story. Crazy. 

Okay, I think I'm out of things to talk about now. 

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