17 February 2005

Day 2, no 3, no 4 I think

So I got sick and wasn't able to exercise as much as I wanted to this week. I did maintain my eating (mostly) because I didn't really feel like eating; except for the ENTIRE BOX OF FUDGE COVERED CREME WAFERS that I ate last night. Oh well!!!! Today though I'm feeling wonderful and am right back on track. I did Crunch Dance Party this morning and my Boot Camp training this evening. That was hard. I was puffing and panting by the end begging for the timer to ding so I could stop. But it was great, the tougher the better. I got new weights for Valentines Day so tomorrow morning when I do the FIRM I'll have heavier weights to use, woohooo!!!

When I got sick I used that new Zicam spray that's supposed to shorten the lenght of a cold and I really think it worked. Tuesday night and yesterday morning I was feeling like crap but by last night I was feeling almost normal. I highly recommend that stuff, it works.

I guess that's all I have to say. Things are going well and that's really all I can ask for.

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I'm done

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