30 June 2005

I'm tired.

I started this post this morning saying how interesting it was that things had just been kind of cruising along. I've been eating fairly well and exercise has been good. Then I stepped on the scale. I'm at 164.5. That so pissed me off and I just decided I'm tired. I'm tired of dragging my ass out of bed 6 mornings a week and exercising. I'm tired of forcing myself to exercise almost every night when I come home from work tired and worn out from the day. I'm tired of feeling guilty about a small piece of candy I eat in the afternoon. I'm just plain tired. I read in another blog that someone just wanted to be like normal people; eat want you want and not worry about calories or points or carbs or protein or whateva!!! Of course that raises the question, "If 60% of the American population is overweight - how exactly do "normal" people eat?" Do I want to be "normal"? I really am tired of constantly thinking about food and exercise. Everything revolves around food and exercise for me. What time I get up in the morning is determined by my activity that day. What time I go to bed is determined by what time I need to get up. When I leave the house I have to think about where I'm going, what I'm doing and what my food intake will be. Do I need to bring food? Will I be somewhere I can buy food and if so what? Am I sticking to my plan or throwing caution to the wind? Will I be gone for 1 or 2 meals? How will I fit my activity into my eating plan?? I'm tired, I'm just plain tired!!! I don't want to think about this stuff anymore!!!! I should note that I think I'm in full blown PMS mode right now and that might be the whole problem!!!!

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CheekyMoo said...

Lord have mercy it's amazing how much PMS mode effects! Really. I've seen a 9 lb gain over night while PMS'ing. It can be so depressing.

You know, I'm not an expert but I am sneaking closer to goal weight which will mean I've lost 160 pounds then so I've done something right. Every other diet for me failed. I think I was over thinking it some. I've changed it up along the way this past year, however the key for me has reall just boiled down to eat less, move more. I still eat what I want, just less.

I don't know how much you need to lose, as you look fabulous in your picture, but I just thought I'd offer what has worked for me. But we're also all different!

Just wanted to come in and say hello. :-)


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