02 July 2005

I've got a new attitude.

I've been really down in a funk lately and I don't like it. I've been trying a bunch of different things but not sticking long enough to any one thing to see results. Of course, some things I know didn't work and I needed to stop them. So I've decided to tackle this a whole different way. I'm going to fake it. As someone commented to me yesterday, eat less and move more. Not only is it that but I need consistency. I do great for a few days and then I taper off and by Friday I'm feeling rotten. I know that if I exercise everyday not only will I feel way better about myself my eating will be way better. So that's it, I'm going to focus on moving more. I haven't really felt like exercising in weeks so my heart is not really in it. But I know that if I fake like I'm enjoying it eventually I will. Exercise in the morning when I get up (that works best for me) and do something at night when I come home (that prevents ice cream eating at night). It's simple. I've been making it way too complicated. Eat less, move more, and fake it till it's real! That's all.

On that note; I'm off to shower and head out to weight watchers, then it's a trail run on some beautiful sun dappled trail in the mountains.

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