05 July 2005


That' s what the scale said this morning when I got up. Now normally I would have had a cow but today I didn't. I looked at that number, thought about how I'd been laying around on my butt for 3 days because of my ankle, thought about it being TTOM, and said, "Self, you better get your ass moving!!" And I did. Right out the door on a bike ride. The rest of today went just as well food wise and I am feeling super happy tonight (and not near so fat :)

One thing I'm really trying to work on is how fast I eat. Now I come from a family of 7 kids and if you wanted food you moved fast or you lost out. That's a habit I'm really having a hard time with but I'm trying. I've taken to not reading anything while I eat and am trying to put my fork down between bites. My 2 coworkers are thin and I watch them. They do not hurry at all. They put the food down between bites. They get up and walk away. They leave food on their plate. That's what I'm trying to be like. Eat slow, eat conciously, and relax - the food is not going anywhere.

So inspite of what the scale said it was a great day :)

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Anonymous said...

Whoooooooo Hoooooooooooo Go Flo Go! :)

I'm giggling @ you coming from a large fam where you had to move fast or lost out...lol...I'm an only child myself, things stayed in our fridge for months on end ;) Unless my pesky cousin came over and gobbled everything up.

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