06 July 2005

I've declared war on my neighbor!!!

I can't believe some people, it makes me fucking crazy. This guy moved in 2 houses down with 2 pit bulls. First, here's the set up. I live on the beach. My house has no yard, you step out the back door and you're on the beach. I also have 3 dogs (1 a pit bull) that have lived here their entire lives. They think they own the beach. So this idiot moves in with the 2 pits. Now everyone around here who has dogs is very considerate of everyone else. If you're on the beach with your dogs the neighbors wait till you're done then take their dogs out. It has worked out really well for 12 years. So this asshole moves in with the 2 pits. He lets these fucking dogs run loose when he's not home or when he's home but got the door closed. Now how the hell can you watch your dogs when the freaking door is closed. I've called the Humane Society and reported this guy once. They were going to send him a letter but apparently that didn't do any good. How can people be so rude and inconsiderate??? How can you claim to really love your dogs yet let them run loose with absolutely no supervision??? What a freaking idiot!!!! I'm on hold with the Humane Society right now to complain yet again.

Okay, enough of that. I stepped on the scale this morning and it said 163.5. Now either I lost 4 lbs in 24 hours (I don't think so) or that 167 was the result of water retention due to A) sitting on my ass all weekend; B) TTOM; C) not drinking enough water or D) all of the above. So I feel fine about the whole stinking thing. I got up and rode my bike again this morning. You know, I forget how much fun bike riding is like 10 minutes after I stop. I always enjoy my ride yet when I think about going for a ride I get all whiney and pathetic, " I don't want to drag my bike out and put those funny shorts on that feel like I'm wearing a diaper and it might rain, blah, blah, blah!!!!"

So it's been another good day and I'm pleased. I'm off to have some blackened ahi for dinner and probably go to bed early.....

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your loss!! I'm the same way w/running. I still dread it, but after I'm done I feel so great I want seconds. Weird.

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