03 July 2005

do you love long weekends or what???

I love the fact that it's Sunday and I still have another day off - WOO HOOO!!!

Okay, I've had some major successes in the last 2 days and want to get them down before I slip back into my funk of last week. So yesterday I decided I was going to fake it till it was real. Well, what a huge difference that made. I went to WW with a whole different attitude and didn't even get crazy over the gain. I took the time to make my breakfast and take it with me. After the meeting I went to Safeway and picked up some power bars for my long ass run. I then took mysself off to go trail running. This was done with no fear and complete confidence that my left ankle would be absolutely fine. And it was. My right ankle was totally another story. An hour into my run at the turmaround point (read farthest from my car point) I twist my right ankle. I get up and immediately start walking on it determined it was not going to slow me down (also I was an hour run from my car - hello). I walked for awhile and it really did feel fine so I ran some more, and it was still fine. I ran into these folks on the trail who would not step aside and let me pass so I followed them for a good bit at a much slower pace than I was going. When I finally got past them I started running again but I was running too fast. Not 3 minutes later I twisted my ankle again. Of course, by this time I was also getting tired and my muscles were getting weaker. So I walked back to the car and the ankle really didn't feel that bad.

I had some errands to run so off I went. When I finally got home 2 1/2 hours later the ankle was sore but not real bad. So I laid down and put it up to rest it. When I got up 1/2 hour later I was in agony. But, and this really is the important part, I did not give in to the down side of all this. I could have started crying (and I wanted to a time or two) and moaning about how I would be laid up for the next week or so, waa waa waa. I didn't I just carried on like all was well. We went and saw War of the Worlds (which was good inspite of Tom freakazoid Cruise). At the movies I had some popcorn and soda but it was all planned for. We picked up Chinese for dinner and I split a plate with Charlie so that was all good. So inspite of my ankle I count yesterday as a raging success. Oh yeah, I had plans to get up and exercise this morning.

Well, this morning came around and the ankle was kind of a little worse. I decided that exercise was probably not a good idea. We went out to breakfast and I put my fork down between every bite and left a little something of everything I had. These are majorly huge successes for me. I eat really fast so slowing down in any way is good. And I always eat everything when we eat out. So leaving something - huge!! So today has been a raging success also. Right, dinner tonight is a salad with bbq chicken - how great is that????

Tomorrow morning I'm supposed to run a 5k. I really want to do it because there are only 184 people signed up so the odds are good I'll win something. But my ankle...... I don't know what to do. I guess I'll play it by ear in the morning....

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