Dude, am I glad that is over...

Well that intense hunger/headache thing lasted until yesterday morning. I had a slight headache when I got up yesterday and was very hungry. That lasted until about 11:00 am, then all of a sudden I felt full. Actually I felt bloated and puffy. I wasn't that hungry at lunch time and by the time I had my apple and peanut butter I hardly wanted it. So whatever that was it appears to be over.

While this was happening I was kind of afraid to exercise. If I was that hungry constantly what would happen if I added exercise in???? So exercise has been off this week. But that's been okay as this ankle is still bothering me. Yesterday was the first day I made it through the entire day with absolutely no pain at all. I was very excited when I realized that. Then in the middle of the night one of the dogs jumped up on the bed right on my ankle!!! Oh my god did it hurt (well the smallest one is 85lbs!!!). It still hurts this morning but it's not swollen anymore so I guess I'll be okay.

Tomorrow I have a meeting at 7:30 in the morning so I don't imagine I'll get any exercise in tomorrow either. I think I'll ramp it up starting on Saturday. I need to work out a schedule to get in everything I want to do. I'm going to look into a Masters Swim Club to get my swimming in. Maybe I'll start running at night. I don't know; I'll have to think about it.....


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