Wow, that was bad.....

I've been eating really well lately and I've been very pleased with myself. On Sunday we got giant deli sandwiches but I curtailed my other eating to compensate. Monday was really good as far as eating was going but by the end of the day I developed a bad headache and I couldn't figure out why, but I took aspirin and moved on. Tuesday I woke with the headache and it plagued me all day. I noticed that when I ate it would subside but I also noticed that I didn't stay full long, I mean I got HUNGRY, and as soon as I got hungry the headache returned full bore. On the way home last night it was killing me and I was absolutely starving even after eating my usual apple with peanut butter. So I stopped at the store and got candy. I really didn't want it but I figured I needed some serious fat to satisfy my body. So I eat these 2 candies worth around 600 calories total and immediately felt better. But within 2 hours I was really, really hungry again. I'm not sure what the heck is going on but I can't eat this much candy every day. The kicker is, I really didn't want those things but I had eaten yogurt and fruit and salads and none of that worked. I was wondering if I wasn't getting enough fat. I have been restricting my fat intake to around 20% per day and I thinking that might not be enough for me. Well, I don't know what's going on but I do hope it's over.....


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