10 July 2005

Faster than a herd of turtles......

Last night we went out (something we don't really do all that often) to Turtle Bay Resort and saw Chuck Mangione. It was fun, we had a great time. Chuck plays an amazing horn and I love what I call Jazz "light" where it doesn't get all heavy and blusey and depressing. So a good time was had by all. Oh yeah, there was a fireworks display after and that was really awesome; better than the 4th of July.

So I am a total turtle freak (sea turtles that is). I live on the beach and can spend hours just watching the turtles bop around in the ocean by my house. I have a beautiful sea turtle tattooed on my ankle:

I have turtles populating the dashboard of my car:

It's hard to see but there are 4 stuffed turtles, a shark and a turtle visor. Luckily I have a huge dashboard.

I have turtle stickers all over my car, which you'll just have to trust me on cause the picture didn't come out right.

So last night we were at the "Turtle" Bay Resort and I purchased the newest addition to my turtle family:

This is Baby Honu (Honu is the Hawaiian word for turtle. It's pronounced HOE-NEW). He had such a good time at Chuck's concert last night (man, he digs those horns) that after when Chuck was signing autographs he insisted I have Chuck sign his belly:

He's very proud of that and all the other turtles in the car are jealous.

So that was how I spent my Saturday night.

Now, on to the weight issues. I had WW weigh-in yesterday and I was down 1.4 lbs from last week. I was thrilled. I had a spectacular week even though I had a sprained ankle and the week really wasn't that hot. Last Saturday I decided to fake it and I have been and it's working. I feel awesome!!!!! I've also taken a page out of another bloggers book and am telling myself I'm hot; and I am. I wore my little blue Gap capri pants last night with a tiny t-shirt (with turtles of course) and today I'm wearing my size 8 shorts with my pink halter top. I do look good and I need to stop hiding it. Besides, when I think I look good I eat less and pay more attention to my body.

Okay, well I think I've carried on enough this morning. Baby Honu is happy because his picture is on the internet and all the other turtles can be jealous of him. I'm off to do something constructive.....

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Anonymous said...

Awww those turtles are so cute. I got the surfer turtle from Finding Nemo from a McDonalds happy meal a few years ago ;)

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