Wow, do I feel better....

After feeling fat and stuffed and just generally yucky for the last couple of weeks this week has been great. It's amazing what the mental attitude can do for you. I've been "faking" it all week and it's starting to take just like I knew it would.

Yesterday I did not feel like riding my bike again so I broke out the treadmill. Now my ankle has been bad but was really getting better. So I walked as fast as I could and then tried running. I could not run right and it hurt my ankle so I just walked most of the time. After I was done my ankle hurt really bad. When I was showering I noticed that my ankle was bruised; I think I didn't notice it before because of the swelling. Once the swelling went away I could see the bruise. Anyway, it hurt bad, real bad, all morning and I was starting to get worried. Then suddenly around noon the pain just went away and it didn't really bother me the rest of the day. Weird!!!! This morning it's a little sore but I think it stiffens up overnight and it takes awhile to work it loose. Unfortunately I am coming to the conclusion that I will not be able to race in the morning. I am seriously bummed. That will be 2 races I've missed because of this ankle. But if I take off and let it heal completely I'll be able to run next weekend.

Food has been really good except for the ice cream 2 nights in a row; have to knock that off...... Otherwise things are going well. I'm really feeling great. Even with the ice cream I have not stuffed myself all week so that's a huge improvement. I noticed that I still get tired around 2:30 - 3:00 pm every single day and even if I don't eat a piece of candy it goes away. Imagine that!!!

This was my morning off exercise but I guess I should get to work.....


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