16 July 2005

Weigh-in did not go so well this morning

most likely due to my dinner last night - kind of salty. Also, I didn't drink enough water yesterday but I didn't realize it until late last night and I ain't drinking lots of water before bed that's for sure.

I am almost worried enough about my ankle to have it checked out; almost but not quite. I twisted it 2 weeks ago today and while it is much better it is not completely healed. It's still somewhat swollen and when I go to bed at night it bothers me and I end up taking Advil for the pain. It's very troubling. But it doesn't bother me during the day unless I'm on it too much. Oh well, I guess I'll continue to wait and see.

Well, I've sold my first coconut :) I've really been ignoring my website and that whole business but I got one sold today, YEAH!!! I've decided to put more effort into it and really try to get it off the ground. It would be great if I could make money at it. I don't want to make a fortune just some extra money for traveling and such.

I don't really have a darn thing to say. I'm just bored so thought I'd post. Enough. Maybe more later; who knows??????

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