18 November 2005

Friday Ramblings........

It was tough. I did freak over my marathon and I'm not sure why. I've kind of set my mind that it's not going to be great (not near as good as the 1st one) and just move on. I've prepared and it's too close now to do much more so whatever happens happens. Mentally I've already moved on to next year. I've got another 10k before I leave and I'm looking for a New Year's race in the SF Bay Area cause that's where I'll be. Once I get back it's right back into the yearly race calendar. As you may have guessed we don't really have an off season here.


A while back I decided to do a 1/2 Ironman in June 2006. I've been rethinking that goal for this year. I'm thinking of focusing on duathlons (we have a couple here) and tris (we have tons of sprints and a couple olympic). The 1/2 Ironman we have here is a qualifier for both Ironman Kona and the new 70.3 championship in Florida. I think the competition will be a little intense. I'm considering looking for a 1/2 that's not a qualifier for my first one. I'd really like to find one that's not very popular or that's just small. I don't mind traveling for it, I'll take any excuse to take a vacation. I don't know, just some stuff to think about and consider.


I do know that once I get back from vacation in January I'm going to start looking for a new bike. I have an old Bianchi which is light and I really like and will be fine for the sprint tris, if I plan to go longer I need to get something faster (or wait, do I need to get faster??? It's NOT about the bike!! Oh yes, It IS!!!) Plus I want to start doing more moutain biking cause I'd like to do the offroad tris. Where I live is home of the offroad tris!! The start line is across the street from my house - I should do them.....


I really don't feel like working today. I have a couple of tests I can finish up and some dishes to do (lab work is very glamorous!!!) then maybe I can cut out early. Not that I don't have lots to do, I just don't feel like it!!!!


Well, I need to get off my butt. My back is starting to hurt from sitting here! Gotta run!!!

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*jeanne* said...

You're doing Honolulu Marathon in 23 days!?
GREAT! I've done 5 now - Baltimore, Vermont City, Tampa (Gasparilla), B&A Trail (in Maryland), and New Jersey.
Now I'm in training for the Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World...what a FOOL I am! But I want the medals: Donald for the Half (on Saturday), Mickey for the Full (on Sunday), GOOFY for doing them both in ONE weekend!
I was "Maui'd" in 2002 - fabulous sunset ceremony, dove release, catered dinner cooked by our own private chef on the beach - that trip was my only visit to the Hawaiian Islands. I would LOVE to return - see more of Maui and visit some other islands. Ah, well...we'll see what the future holds.


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