08 January 2006

Sunday and all is quiet on the home front.

My last day of vacation - bummer. Tomorrow it's back to work and back to the grind - bummer. Oh well, it's been fun.

I was supposed to do a 5k this morning but I got out of bed and was really having a hard time moving so I decided to skip it. After moving around for awhile though I was feeling better and really felt like doing something. I think that year's ago someone told me, when you are sore to do some light activity, that helps move the lactic acid out of the muscles. So I decided to give it a try and a bike ride seemed the easiest thing to do. I went for an hour bike ride, real slow just spinning, and it was great. When I got back I jumped on the treadmill for 15 minutes. My boss, who is 60 years old and has done 23 Ironman, swears by bricks. She says she always runs after a bike ride even if the run is only 15 minutes. She swears that this training strategy has helped her more than anything else. Okay, she also swears by double bricks but that comes later. So I decided that would be my strategy too. After every bike ride a run, even if it's really short. T2 is one of my hardest times so why not practice it as much as possible, right. So I did that today and felt really awesome. Then sat down and did a nice 15 minute stretching session - wonderful!! Been feeling pretty good all day.

Spent most of the day cooking. After reading my hypoglycemia book I realized that as good as I was eating I was still making some major mistakes. Something I also noticed is that the recommended diet for hypoglycemics is very, very similar to Weight Watcher's Core program. When I thought about it, I realized that at the end of 2004 through the beginning of 2005 I was religious about following the Core program and that is when I felt my absolute best. I was at my lowest weight, I had the most energy, and I really felt incredible. I want to feel that way again, so it's back to Core. I make some breakfast and lunch dishes today so I will have them during the week. They focus heavily on veggies and really taste good too. I'm ready to face the week. Back to work and back to feeling on top of my game. Years ago I heard Susan Powter of Stop the Insanity fame say, if it's white and creamy don't eat it. That's really a good rule to live by although I would change it to; if it's white or creamy don't eat it. That's my food motto.

I've also pulled out some of my old sayings to help me through. One of my favorites is:

That saying really speaks to me. Since I never allow myself to take the position of victim, this keeps me from doing that in my training or eating. I either do or I don't, that's it, end of story.
Another one I really like is:
What do you REALLY want??
This helps keep me focused on the ultimate goal. It's easy to get caught up in the here and now and lose sight of the brass ring.
I have a tattoo in my head that I think I will get in the next few weeks. It's going to be a ribbon tied around my left arm just below the elbow with the ends trailing down my inner arm to my wrist. In the trailing parts will be these 2 sayings written in decorative scrollwork. I want it to be so you won't be able to read the saying unless they are pointed out to you. This will allow me to constantly be reminded of my goals and dreams and ambitions. I am definitely going to get this done!!!!
Okay, that's it. I have nothing more to say. Hope everyone has a great week.

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Fe-lady said...

Wow-that's the sceond time in two weeks I have heard about running immediately after a bike ride to help prepare oneself for the run in a tri. I never have but will probably start to. Who is your boss? This first time I read this it was on the Biobuilde website and was written by Cherie Gruenfield. Maybe we are talking about the same person???

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