You have got to love this face.

My pit bull, Nala, has arthritis in her hips and it's been kind of cold lately so it's really bothering her. She has her own blanket which we cover her with at night, and it just came out of the dryer. Isn't she cute laying all cuddled up in her blanket?? Of course, she can't let the other dogs see her; she does have an image to maintain, she is a pit bull after all.......


Fe-lady said… you give her some baby aspirin or other medication to help ease her pain? My old yellow lab had a similar condition and the vet told her we could give her aspirin every once in awhile. I am sure there are "doggie" meds out there also. What a cutie!
Wylee said…
Hahahaha! How adorable. I won't tell the other dogs if you don't! ;)

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