09 May 2006

Baby steps.....

So I've accepted the fact that I've totally lost my mojo. I can't find it anywhere. This however has lead to a lightening of the stress. Once I accepted that I'd lost it I realized it would return I just need to wait for it. So until it does return, I'm taking it one meal and one workout at a time and I've been doing fairly well at it. One of my favorite expressions is "Fake it till you feel it" and this works for me in exercise. So that's what I'm doing, faking it.

It was a busy weekend. I got my garden in and I'm so excited about it I can't believe it. I should take some pictures as this is my first garden ever. I also got the house cleaned and curtains made for the living room. A very productive weekend.

For those of you that responded to my offer, I'm on it. It will take me some time as each one will be personalized to you, so be patient.

Okay, that's it. Nothing to say so I guess I'll go to work.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have officially lost my mojo too so...you're not alone. i like the weigh loss tracker on the top of your post. How do I get one? Also, is it too late to get in on your offer?

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