11 May 2006

More baby steps....

Every single movement forward is a huge accomplishment. I came across a couple of sayings the last few days and they really speak to me right now.

Lose, gain, or stay the same. Time will pass regardless.....
Struggling with weight loss is a choice.

Uuuummmmmm, okay. Both of these statements are incredibly true and seem to finally cut the the carp in my brain.

So it's been a week of baby steps. I've exercised every single morning this week. Even though I did not want to get out of bed and this morning I farted around so long I really didn't have time to exercise. But, I have a 20 minute belly dancing DVD and that was perfect this morning. I've only done it like 2x so I really suck at it and yet it's fun and kind of makes you feel sexy. Exercise in the morning just puts my head in the right place for the rest of the day.

I've logged every single morsel that has entered my mouth so far this week. I haven't been really strict on the calories but exercise in the morning and writing everything down seems to naturally cause a reduction in calories.

I'm just feeling good. Not great, but really good. I feel like I'm making forward progress and that's what really matters.

My garden is totally taking off. I think I'll take pictures tonight. I have zucchini sprouts and beet sprouts. The snow peas just broke thought the dirt. My bean plant is getting little nubs like it's going to sent out stringers. My green bell pepper is not looking so good, I think I may loose that one.

I'm laying in bed last night and I kept hearing this rustling sound outside my window. At first I thought it was the dogs in the yard but then I realized they were laying on the floor. I got up to investigate and when I shown a flashlight down that side of the house there were 4 little kittens running around. Apparently the neighbors cat had kittens and they are just old enough to start exploring on their own. I worry about them because of the dogs. Hopefully the little kittens can run faster then my overweight dogs. I also saw them going into my garden. They better not use my garden as their litter box.

Well, that's all I have for now. It's a slow, steady progression I just hope I keep moving forward. Baby steps, baby steps.......

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