05 May 2006

Sometimes it seems the fates are just against me.

I decided last night that I just need to get up in the morning and move. I figure if I started just moving every morning eventually I would want to move more and become excited about exercise again. Also, I decided, I really like running. So that's what I'm going to do; run. Okay!! So my alarm goes off this morning and I am laying there getting ready to get up and go run, when it starts pouring rain. Okay. I hit the snooze and rolled over for a few more minutes. The alarm goes off and it starts raining again. This went on for 4 snoozes. I finally admitted defeat and got up and did the elliptical trainer for 30 minutes. Sometimes they really are out to get me.

But wait there's more:

I have been trying to get a little internet business going for awhile. It's tough to get a business going. I don't want to tell exactly what I do but suffice it to say it's a handcrafted item that makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. Last night a great marketing stragety hit me. You folks in blogland. In an effort to spread the word about my business I have decided to offer free samples for a limited time. What you need to do is e-mail me your address at fhulihee at gmail dot com and I will send you one. I will not keep your address or use it for any unsavory purpose. In fact, once I put the item in the mail to you I will destroy your address as I am hoping to do business over the internet and not through the mail. Once you get this item it will have my website on it and you can visit and see the amazing things I can do ;) Anyway, there you have it. Until Sunday night (my time) I will be taking addresses for a free gift. I know it sounds very mysterious I just want it to be a huge surprise.

Okay, that's it. It's Friday, I have tons to do and I'd like to get out of here early. Have a great weekend.


Linda said...

Now I'm totally curious!

Nancy Toby said...

Is it explosive?

Ellie Hamilton said...

OK, I can't stand it.... check your email!

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