23 May 2006

During my bike ride this morning...

I came up with a great title for this post. Now I can't remember it!!! It's a bitch getting old I tell you.

Got up this morning and did some weights then jumped on my bike. Woo Hooo!!!! I've decided to add weights back into the mix since 1) I'm female, 2) I'm female over 40, 3) I want to lose fat not muscle, 4) I'm totally vain and love the way my arms look when I lift weights. So I was up before the sun (but just barely, it comes up so early now :) and lifted some weights. Then I hoped on my trusty stead and headed out on the road. It was cold again this morning, though not quite as cold as the other day, and since I was only doing 10 miles, I figured I could wear my long running pants and a long sleeve shirt to ride. The shirt was fine and kept me nice and toasty. The pants, ehhh, not so good. Bike shorts are called that for a reason and I will respect that reason from now on. Anyway, I was a little short on time so I only got in 8.7 miles in 42 minutes - not bad. I really suck on hills and there are some nice little grades around where I live and I seemed to find all of them this morning.

It is amazing how good it feels to be back. I mean really BACK!!!! I'm committed to this training and eating healthy (which has been really good the last couple of days) and it just feels good.

I had been eating pretty badly for a while and just couldn't seem to get a grip on it. Not only was I gaining weight, I was suffering some physical problems. My lower back hurt constantly. It was a dull ache that was totally annoying and nothing could be done to relieve it. Also, my lower intestines hurt. It was kind of like minor cramping and was a little scary. I actually thought of ovarian cancer and was ready to make a dr. appointment. However, 5 days of regular exercise and whole, natural foods and all pain is gone. Amazing I tell you!!!!

Today is the day I put up or shut up. Entry for the 2006 Tinman Triathlon is due to today and if I plan on doing it it must go in the mail now. I'm definitely going to do it so let the freak out begin. Just the thought of the swim start raises my heartrate and blood pressure. But I've got to face it and the only way to do that is to enter races.

Okay, 'nuff said.

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