I should be working, but.....

Something just hit me. I've been reading the blogs the last few days and thinking to myself, "Self, people just don't seem to be posting as much lately. I wonder what's going on??" Then I just read Mippers post about having nothing much to say and taking a few days off. What we have here is a failure to communicate. Plus, the comment on my post from Bunnygirl about being in a trough (btw, I LOVE that analogy cause that's just how I feel). I think this general malaise is going around the blogosphere. I'm beginning to think it's not just me. Maybe it's the time of year; season changes are good but they do represent change. I am already feeling better knowing I'm not alone in all this.


backofpack said…
Wow, three posts in a day! I think bunnygirl is right - every thing in life has cycles - you might be a rest period, and when you start moving up and out of the "trough" you'll be amazed at how much you move!
TriFeist said…
Honestly, I assumed people were busy DOING all the things they talked about over the winter. Maybe it's the quiet before the storm?

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