04 May 2006

Something fun

Go to Wikipedia and put in your birthday (omit the year), the post 3 events, 2 birthdays, 1 death.

April 15th:


1865 - Abraham Lincoln dies after being shot by John Wilkes Booth and Andrew Johnson becomes the 17th President of the U.S.

1912 - The British passenger liner RMS Titanic sinks around 2:20 a.m. after hitting an iceberg.

1945 - The Bergen-Belsen concentration camp is liberated.


1452 - Leonard da Vinci, Italian artist (d. 1519)

1940 - Jeffrey Archer, British author and Member of Parliament


1990 - Greta Garbo, Swedish actress (b. 1905)

Very Cool. I love that I share a birthday with Leonardo and Jeffrey Archer is one of my favorite authors. I'm in some very good company......

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Happy New Year

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