17 July 2006

Be careful what you wish for....

2 months ago I decided what I wanted my times to be for my upcoming tri. They were as follows:
Swim 800m: 20 minutes
Bike 40k: 1:45
Run 10k: 1:00

Well, I have worked up to 800m in 20 minutes. I've done it a couple of times. Unfortunately I've done it in the pool, never in open water. Oh well. I'll do my best.

The bike I'm not too worried about. I went out Saturday morning and did Heartbreak Hill. It's pretty steep but nothing I can't handle.

The run, ummm, not so much. For some reason I have not been running much and so a 10k in an hour is pretty much out of the question. I figure 1:30 (that takes all pressure off me :)

I have decided that this race is all about the swim. I want to feel a certain way when I swim and that is what I'm focusing on. The run and the bike are not that important this time. It is all about the swim...

This morning was my last "real" workout before the race. Tomorrow I'm going for a short, easy bike ride. Wednesday I may go for a slow, easy run just to stay loose. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday there is nothing on the books. Just rest, eat, hydrate, and mentally prepare. I AM going to rock this swim.

That's all I have to say. Most of the work this week will be in my head. 'nuff said.


Nancy Toby said...

What's wrong with pressure!? You can take it! Run hard!! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Run your best race...no matter what that may be! I'm sure the whole thing is going to ROCK...not just the swim.

Linda said...

You'll be fine! Have a good one and like Beanie said just run your best race!

Iron Pol said...

Thanks for the comments on the ol' blog. I was dead last in my first (and so far only) triathlon. A busted chain led to running half the bike portion. So, the goal for the next race is to get through everything clean, without technical problems.

I like your idea of giving yourself rewards for achieving goals. When preparing for my first marathon, I set up various "prizes" depending upon performance. Completing the training and making it to the race got one goal. If I finished, it switched to another. Under 4 hours would have garnered both. I finished, and rewarded myself with a running computer.

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