19 July 2006

Ugh!!! I'm bored.

Well, I've toned it down this week as prep for my race on Sunday. Monday I swam and ran and that was it. Yesterday I slept in a bit and then did some relaxing yoga. This morning it was pretty much the same. Tonight is my stroke clinic so I'll swim for an hour. Tomorrow I may go for a short bike ride in the morning just to make sure everything is okay. Friday I'm thinking of walking just to work out kinks that are starting to develop. Saturday is all rest all the time. And Sunday is d-day.

I have been working on my Plan and I'm very excited about it. I've got the Triathlete's Training Bible, a log book, and some swim workouts. I'm developing a plan and I really can't wait to get it started. The week after my race (next week) will be a time of finalizing plans and getting all necessary equipment gathered. Sunday, 7/30, will be a day of testing. Measurements will be taken, HR will be monitored, time trials will be run, it will be a great day.

Last night I was looking through the race calendar for the rest of the year and I have some decisions to make. I had planned on running the Honolulu Marathon this year, but I'm thinking I may pass on it. The race readiness series starts next month with a 15k and I am just not ready to run a 15k. I don't want to push myself while I'm trying to build a solid base so I think I may pass on it.

There are 2 more tris I want to do this year, one in September and one in October. But those are really to conquer the swim and not to race. Next year, I race!!!!

Well, I'm pretty boring since I'm not doing much. I guess I'll go to work.

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Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

Good luck on the race!

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