06 November 2006

I believe.......

I believe in the power of the human mind. I believe that if you can think it you can do it. Okay, within reason. No matter how much I think I can fly, I can't. But you know what I mean. The times when I've had the most faith in my ability is when I've been the best. Those times when I really didn't believe in myself and was just going through the motions are the times when I was not my best (how diplomatic was that???).

I have a fortune cookie fortune that is taped on my monitor at home. It reads: Your worst enemy is inside your head. I believe that so much. No one can bring me down but me.

Okay, so the last few months I've been bouncing around. I didn't really believe I could do anything. I wasn't giving my best effort to anything. I kept switching things up. It just wasn't working. The last time I was really focused on a goal was the Tinman Triathlon and I did great in it (okay, great for me :). After that I just kind of lost it. My efforts were only half hearted and I really didn't have any faith in myself.

That changed over the weekend. I sat down yesterday and really worked on myself. I went over what I really, really want to accomplish the next couple of months and where I want to go. I have big plans for my tris next year but I need to work on them now. I examined what I needed to work on most (my run) and the best way to do that (sign up for a race).

So I have my first race picked out. It's a 10k on New Years Day. I then sat and worked out a comprehensive training schedule for the next 2 months. I have a goal and the training is structured around that goal. I have other things I want to do (swimming, weight training) and I have worked all those factors in.

I was very realistic in my time commitments and tried to be brutally honest in what I thought I could accomplish in 2 months. I think believe I have a good, workable plan that I can stick to.

So for the next 2 months it's all sunshine and flowers. I believe I can do this and I believe I will.


sharon said...

I've found there is no better motivator than to sign up for a race! Good thinking Flo.

sharon said...

I've found there is no better motivator than to sign up for a race! Good thinking Flo.

Vickie said...

I believe you will too. You want it! I'll be watching!

Rice said...

lol, I had to double check where you live. I was thinking to myself "she's not taking the weather into account at all!" But alas I'm sure you will survive the "winter" there with ease..



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