30 December 2006

Yet another small rant.

I am not, repeat, not going to even touch on the execution of Saddam. Suffice it to say that I do believe in the death penalty, and I do believe that man needed to die, and I understand the sooner the better attitude, I do think we could have learned a lot from him if we kept him around a little bit longer. But, that was not our decision. The Iraqi court convicted him and it was up to the Iraqis when he died. 'Nuff said.

What I do need to rant about is the wonderful, state that I live in. In Hawaii fireworks are legal. They sell them in the grocery store. It is very common for people to spend hundreds of dollars on fireworks for New Year's Eve. Now, we hear all year long how expensive it is to live in Hawaii. How parents have to work 2 jobs and never have any time to spend with their kids. How there are 250,000 living at or below the poverty level. Yet these people manage to find the money to spend on fireworks every year.

Not only that, we hear constantly how important children are. Things have to be safe for the children. We have to consider the children. Blah, blah, blah....... Yet these same people allow said children to play with gunpowder!!! Does this make sense to anyone????

Every single year we have a couple of major injuries due to fireworks, sometimes even deaths. Yet it continues. Huh????? Every police officer and every firefighter is on duty that night because there are so many calls.

On November 16th a law went into effect here in Hawaii. You can not smoke in any public place or within 20 feet of a doorway. This essentially makes all indoor areas smoke free - yea!!!! We heard how horrible 2nd hand smoke is. Yet, on New Years Eve you literally can not see your hand in front of your face due to the smoke. They have to open movie theaters to people with serious lung conditions because of the smoke. If you have asthma, forget about it, you'll be in agony all night. Then there's the trash. On New Year's Day the streets are covered an inch deep in firework trash. It's horrible.

So you may think I'm ranting about this just because I believe it's wrong, which I do, but there's more. The fireworks drive my dogs crazy. I have to start giving them valium in the afternoon and pretty much keep them doped up all night so they don't lose their minds (or I lose mine from listening to them).

While there are many things that piss me off about Hawaii, this is one thing that I absolutely HATE!!! If I had the power to change 1 thing, it would be this. Fireworks would be illegal this afternoon.

Okay, that's all I have to say on that.

I will be posting a really good post later today or tomorrow. I've been reading some amazing articles on motivation and how to reach your goals and I think I have a real solid plan for 2007. It's exciting and scary. So, until later.


Vickie said...

Well they're illegal here in Michigan so people just go to Indiana (obviously the state of unenlightenment) to buy them and hope they don't get caught. But it would drive me crazy to have to put up with that too.

As for the Saddam thimg, the Pope's comment was completely insane: I don't remember the exact quote but it was something like it was a crime to hang him, a crime to fix a crime. Ridiculous. Must be where that bumper sticker "Love Wins" fits here.

Ross said...

I don't think there was much to learn from Saddam. I'm just ticked he got off so easy.

Florida has the don't ask don't tell law regarding fireworks. They are not legal to light off but the cops over look it. It's legal to possess them but not legal to buy or sell unless you are a fireworks dealer OR you sign a waiver that states you won't set them off in Florida

From my observations Hawaiians are much like Samoans. My ex-brother-in-law is a Samoan Cheif. Talking Chief Pelete Pau'Leota. That guy loves fireworks. He'll have 100 of his "cousins" over for almost any occasion and they'll pop off $1000 worth of fireworks. Oh yeah, he LIVES for golf. 6-10 rounds a week.

PS Samoans love spam.

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