Sunday morning

and I'm in a quandary. Yesterday I was scheduled to do weights (I did) and go for a run (I didn't). Today I'm supposed to go for an ocean swim (jellyfish) and a bike ride (bike's not ready yet). So I'm thinking I'll do my run today but my plantar is acting up, for no apparent reason, and I'm not sure I want to push it. I'm actually wondering if it is my plantar. I've been using the tennis ball and a) it doesn't hurt, b) it doesn't help. I'm beginning to think it may be something else. Decisions, decisions.

The reason I didn't run yesterday is we went to the Sony Open. We have a local kid playing in it. Tadd Fujikawa is 16 years old and the youngest person to make the cut into a PGA tournament in 50 years. If you're into golf at all you've heard of Michelle Wie. She's 17 years old and turned pro last year. I don't really like her for a number of reasons. The main one being her parents pimped her out for $20 million. She can't play on the LPGA tour because she doesn't have a tour card. She can't play on the PGA because, well, she's not a man. She can't play in the Jr. division because she turned pro. So basically she plays where they will give her exemptions. Mostly she plays in the mens games trying to qualify but she hasn't been able to yet. Sony is one of her sponsors so she got a slot in Open but failed to qualify. In fact, on Thursday and Friday she played about the worst games of her life. She came in 3rd from last.
Anyway, she never played on the Jr. circuit and has only won a few tournaments in her life. Now she's playing with the big boys and losing regularly. You have to learn to win and she hasn't. Look at how Tiger did it. From the very beginning he was learning to win; and he does, all the time.

So we went and followed Tadd for 3 holes and it was pretty fun. I've never been to a pro golf tournament so it was a new experience for me. Little Tadd is so cute. He's only 5'1" and just as nice as can be. Since he's an amateur he can't win any money so he's just out to have fun and he's shooting a great game.

So that's what I did yesterday and it was fun. But now I'm left with my dilemma today. What exactly do I do. While I've been typing this I decided to go the botanical gardens and go for a run, or walk, whatever. I really want to get outside so that's what I'm going to do.


Ross said…
I must have missed it in a previous post but what's the deal with your bike? Is it being built, fixed? What is it?
Flo said…
Ross, the chain is skipping (I don't know how else to describe it). I'll be pedaling and suddenly it's like the chain skips a peg in the gear. I have to take it in and just haven't done it yet. Tomorrow!!! I will drop it off tomorrow!!!
WADDLER26.2 said…
Sounds like a great day to be outside .Better than ours. How fun to watch the young golfer!
TriShannon said…
Sounds like a fun weekend! Golf and a run/walk at the botanical gardens... so jealous!
Vickie said…
Golf tournaments are fun. I don't think people realize how exciting they can be. And better than actually playing, in my opiion! Hope your foot gets better soon.
angelfish24 said…
Sounds like a fun weekend. Sorry to hear your foot is acting up. I'm sure you are doing the right thing not to run on it and listen to you intuition. You'll be back to it in no time I hope. I wish the weather was nicer so I could bike again but for now it is indoors, I hate the cold. Have a great week.

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