29 March 2007


So what exactly did we do before technology?? And how do we live when it's not available???
As most of you know, I live in Hawaii. That puts me 3 hours behind the west coast and up to 6 hours behind the rest of the country. As a result, I tend to do a lot of my blog reading at night, after I get home from work. Well, tonight I sat down to read my blogs and discovered bloglines was down. Oh crap!! I don't have any of the url's for the blogs I read cause I read them through bloglines. When I find a new blog I like I immediately add it. So I haven't been able to read any blogs tonight. UGH!!! That really is how I relax and unwind.

TriShannon first of all turned 30 today - Happy Birthday!!!! Secondly, she commented about the number of posts I do. Well, I just wanted to reiterate that it's because I'm now getting paid to do some of these posts. The rules are that there has to be a non-paid post between each paid post. So that's what's going on and that's why there's so many posts. I've seen some of the people that blog for pay label their paid posts Sponsored. I think I may start doing that so you guys will know it's a sponsored blog. Please still read the post, but at least you'll be aware upfront. I tend to only do paid posts about things that mean something to me so there may be some interesting stuff in those posts too.

Also, I've discovered that the more I blog the more I have to say. I work out a lot of things here. Not all of them end up written down or published, but definitely things are decided here. The best part is that I'll be writing about something that may be bothering me and suddenly, from left field, the real problem will jump in front of me. I love that because I am the queen of misdirection and foggy thinking. Love it.

So there's my story. I can't read blogs so I'm writing them tonight. If any of you are interested in making some money from your blogs, you can click on the button over there and check it out. There's no minimum, so if you only want to post once a week that will work. Anyway, if you're interested it's there.

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