16 March 2007

Rough night

That's what I had with this foot. I've had PF for years. It comes and goes never totally going away but always manageable and not all that painful. That's probably why I never paid it all that much attention. I would take ibuprofen, ice it now and then, use my golf ball, but not in a structured way, just whenever I felt the need. This is the most painful I've ever had it.

I didn't sleep all that well last night because of the pain. While watching TV I used my golf ball, iced it, taped it up, then took 800 mg of ibuprofen before bed. Still it hurt like the dickens all night long. At one point I was laying there in agony when I realized my low back on the same side hurt. This got me thinking; did I have the PF cause my back is out, or is my back out because I got the PF?? Which came first the chicken or the egg???

When the alarm went off this morning I wasn't going to get up because of the foot pain. But it was weight day and I figured I could do that pretty well without aggravating my foot. I was right, it went fine. After I was done I took a few extra minutes and stretched good and did some back twists. Not only did my back pop like firecrackers on New Year's Eve but after my foot didn't hurt. Hmmmm, these 2 items are related. Interesting.

Well, whatever, for the next few days it will be all about golf balls, ice, ibuprofen, stretching, and back twists. This will go away soon.

That's all I got today - pain. It's Friday and I'm so looking forward to the weekend.

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Vickie said...

Well we can have a party together then. That's what I'll be doing too.

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