15 March 2007

A true patriot.

I've mentioned before I'm a flag-waving fool. I believe this country is by far the greatest country on earth. I don't always agree with our elected officials, in fact, I'm usually ranting about something they did. I am generally of the opinion that government has gotten too large and out of control and needs to be taken down a notch or two. But I digress.

I love patriotic pictures etc. I've been looking for a flag tint for the back window of my SUV but haven't managed to find one that I really like. So I was cruising the internet and found patriotic posters

While this is not a tint for my window, it's a beautiful poster. This is a wonderful image of the twin towers and Lady Liberty.

They have some really great stuff over at patriotic posters.

They have other posters too that are really, really nice.

1 comment:

Comm's said...

oh the heady days of poster like that. I looked through a poster bin last month, I think, and they were all comic/animation stuff or kitty and horses.

PS. thanks for the new screen saver. ;)

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