A purpose....

I've had a few things going on in the background for the past couple of months that I haven't talked about here. I'm still not going to and I know I would rant about that, but y'all can't know everything :)

Anyway for the past couple of months I've had a real purpose in the things I've been doing and it just hit me today what a difference that makes. I'm driven and it falls over into all areas of my life. I've been driven to solve the problems I have and I find myself being driven in my workouts and fat loss efforts.

I always thought that I had to be inspired to really put good effort into workouts. Not true. The area I'm driven in is as far removed from working out as you can get. But I find an intensity and desire in my workouts that have been missing for a while. Today on my bike ride I faced a choice of taking the flat route home or tackling the hill that kicks my butt. I've only been riding on Saturdays and I've been avoiding that hill because it kicks my butt. I was mostly planning on taking the flat route home when I suddenly found myself turning at the hill. I took the hill like a champ. It tried to kick my butt but I refused to let it. And it was awesome. I felt like a rock star when I got to the top and was hardly winded.

So, the take home lesson here is, if I am driven in some area of my life it spills over into the other areas. That is really awesome and just what I needed to learn today.


SkiRough said…
Good call. Way to get after that hill, Flo!
Seems like this was the weekend for fun bike riding. Great job with that hill!!
Chad said…
Flo - thanks for stopping by. The clipless pedals are working out good.

Sounds like you are on the attack! Keep after it!

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