12 April 2007

I tell you, Florida is haunting me.

Apparently lots of English people visit Florida, who knew??? Well, I guess you knew if you lived in Florida :)

Anyway, a UK based company has been providing sales and rentals of Florida Villas since 1947. They now have an office in Florida (Kissimmee!!!) and have consolidated all the info you need to visit Florida onto their site. They can provide car rentals, air tickets, and lots of places to stay. You can rent single family homes as well as condos and town homes. This is great. I much prefer staying in a condo to a hotel room when I travel. I don't like eating out all the time so having a kitchen where I can fix my own food is a huge plus to me. Also, it makes the trip cheaper. You have a kitchen, so you can make your own meals and snacks, plus they sleep like 8 people. so if you split the nightly cost among 8 people it ends up costing much less than a hotel room would.

This really is a great site. I wonder if I could use it even though I'm not in England???

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