30 May 2007

Sometimes I can be really slow.

I've been eating clean for quite a while now, I guess since the beginning of the year. So that's almost 6 months. When I eat clean I feel really good. No, I mean really good. I have more energy. I sleep better. I just feel better, I can't describe it all, I just do.

So this past weekend, due to a number of factors, I ate a lot of crap. There was beer, and burgers, and cookies, and ice cream, and kim chee fried rice (which if you haven't had, you haven't lived!!) and much more I can't recall. Well, this feeding frenzy began on Friday night and by Sunday I was dragging. After lunch I was tired and needed a nap. I wasn't sleeping so well at night. I had zero energy to do anything. Monday was similar. I needed a nap in the afternoon and was in bed by 8:30.

Initially I put this lethargy down to the long weekend. It was only this morning that I realized what had truly happened. My body (or anyone's really) can't process so much garbage and, since most of the work of the body is done while sleeping, I needed a nap to catch up with my system. That is not good. Yesterday was back to the clean eating again and I immediately started to feel better. I felt better last night and slept better. I've got to refrain from eating that crap because I do not like the way it feels physically.

So today it was up and working out again. These Afterburn workouts are really kicking my butt. Now, if I could just keep the eating in line I'd really be losing fat.

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TriShannon said...

I was out of control eating this weekend myself. My mom was in town and somehow that justifies my eating pizza and ice cream and I could go on and on. Today was back to normal and yep... feel better already!

I think it is similar to having a hangover. It's a food hangover. Like a drinking hangover repeating makes you feel better in the moment, but breaking the cycle makes you feel better in the long run.

Good luck!

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