08 May 2007

Disney World

So every year they have the Disney marathon. I'm considering doing it. Okay, I should back up just a little. I'm kind of doing some long range planning. I want to do some traveling and I'm looking to build it around some racing. Since one of my favorite places on earth is Disneyland I've decided it's time to go to Disney World.

The attractive thing about Orlando is that it's not just Disney World. There are lots of other things to see there. There are water parks, golfing, dining, shows, everything. I think it would be an awesome place to visit. I would have to get some Universal Studio Tickets just because I love things like that.

I live in a tourist place and as a result tend to get cynical about tourist places. But face it, that's where the action it. I'd love to visit the Orlando area just once to check it out. It may be touristy but it has Disney World!!!


Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

Disney puts on a nice race but you have to get up pretty early. There is a lot to see in Orlando which can be a problem if you want a good marathon time. Schedule your site seeing _after_ the race.

sharon said...

It's a good race if you aren't worried about your time. The first time I did it I was seeded in the back corrals because I had no previous marathon times to warrent placing me closer to the start. I was into the 4th mile before I could manage a pace faster than 12 min. Other than that it was great.


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