08 May 2007

Evening update

Just thought I'd let you know, the soreness has reached new levels. I can't bend down or sit down easily. I swear to you I've been working out. I've been doing static lunges and split squats, why am I this sore??? I don't understand it!!! Work wasn't too bad since I'm on my feet all day and that was the only position that didn't hurt!!! Tomorrow it's intervals and I'm thinking some biking. I know that some exercise will help move the lactic acid on it's way out.

The following is political:

I was listening to a talk show on the way home and Mitt Romney was on. I really like Mitt but a couple things came up that made me think. First, he's apparently changed his views on abortion. I guess he used to be pro-choice and now he's pro-life. I guess that's a big deal to the conservatives. What it made me think about is this; if there is a candidate that you agree with on mostly everything, would you not vote for him/her because of their position on abortion?

I would still vote for them. The president doesn't have the authority to over turn Roe v Wade, he only has the ability to appoint Supreme Court judges who could. But that would only happen if it ended up in front of them again, that's a lot of ifs. I think there are issues that are way bigger than abortion; terrorism, Iraq, borders, illegal immigrants, the budget. Abortion is way down on the list of importance.

I've heard someone say that Rudy Giuliani has a good chance of winning the nomination. I believe that because I think his views are much more like regular folks. He's pro-choice (I think, I'm not positive cause it's not that important), he has experience - he cleaned up New York, he's for gun control which I disagree with but it's not a deal breaker. It seems that his views are a little more realistic and more like what real world people think.

Okay, that's enough, it just got me to thinking and I had to get it off my chest.

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Anna said...

So sorry about the soreness. Make sure you're drinking LOTS of water. Advil can be your friend, too.

(I'm currently doing these things, because I pushed it on the weights yesterday. To some degree, I can feel your pain!)

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