16 May 2007

I forgot.....

This morning is technically a rest day but I like to do something even when I rest, plus when I get on a workout roll I don't like to skip a day, it breaks my momentum. So I had planned on a bike ride today. It is now light enough out at 5:30 a.m. to ride safely so I decided it's back to it. In a purely inspired moment I got my bike down and ready last night. I haven't ridden in weeks so the tires needed air and the water in the bottles was yucky (that's a technical term :)

So I got up this morning and into my riding clothes. After getting the animals settled I headed out. My first task was to fall in the driveway, scrap my knee and butt, right in front of the elderly neighbor. Once that was accomplished, I headed out with blood running down my leg.

When I set out the sun hadn't risen yet but the sky was light. I'd forgotten how much I love that time of morning. It's cool, because the sun hasn't come up. It's peaceful, because most people are still sleeping. It's pretty, because the roads I ride are mainly flower farms. I had forgotten how I used to look forward to these rides. They were my favorite workouts of the week. Well, I'll be looking forward to them again.

The only bad part was when I became surrounded by dogs. I was riding down the road and as I came around a bend there was a dog lying in the middle of the road and another on the shoulder. Hmmmm. I stopped and the dog stood up with her ears perked up and tail between the legs. Talk about your mixed body language. Hmmm. What to do. I decided to turn around and take another street, I was not in the mood to do battle with dogs. I turned around and there are 2 more dogs in the street behind me. Hmmmm... This doesn't look good. When I started moving the dogs behind me (now in front of me) headed up their driveway and away from me. Okay, that's good. I look back and the dog that had been lying in the road was now headed away from me, towards home I guess. So I turned back around to go the way I was going originally. When I passed the dog that had been in the road, she stopped and looked at me. I said in my best friendly human voice, "Good girl" Well, that got her all excited. She started panting, and wagging her tail, and following me. I cranked it up and took off and lost her quickly. Nice way to get the adrenaline going in the morning.

So that was my morning. I had forgotten just how much I enjoy this ride and I'll be doing it at least twice a week from now on.

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angelfish24 said...

Sounds like a good bike ride. Too bad you have to worry about dogs though. I got in a bike ride again as the weather is nicer now. It was a long trail that goes for miles and miles but I only had an hour so I went down 1/2 hour and back again. I too, forgot how much I enjoy getting out and biking. With all our icky weather in the winter I work out indoors mostly but I'll be going out on the nice days!

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