16 May 2007

So this is annoying.

They are working on the house across the street from me and they are doing a lot of sawing wood. Well, Xena has picked up the noise. She was doing it as loud as she could earlier. This would, of course, cause Nala to bark her fool head off which would cause Xena to get louder because that's how Moluccans are. My house was a pleasant place to be earlier. Hmmm, I wanted a bird why??

It that isn't enough. Rocco howls at sirens. Nala doesn't really howl but tries and it sounds like an animal in agony - it's ugly. Well, they were howling and guess what, Xena has picked it up. So now I've got the 2 dogs and a bird howling at sirens. I tell you, it's great being me.

We have some friends going on vacation and right about now that sounds really good. It would be great to rent Las Vegas luxury condos and just hang out. It's pretty cheap to get from here to Las Vegas. For some reason it's a super popular destination with the locals.

Nala got bite by a bee on her rear leg and it's been swollen for a couple of days now. It's finally starting to go away. Did I mention I'm taking her to an acupuncturist tomorrow?? Her leg has gotten so bad and there's nothing traditional medicine can do for her. I've decided to try something different. I figure it can't hurt and just may help.

Okay, that's all for tonight. I'm going to watch Lost and then go to bed.

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