05 May 2007

Making money.

I've become a little obsessed with money lately. I've taken on a 2nd job and am blogging for money. There is a reason behind it, I want to get these freaking taxes out of the way, so yeah, I'm a little obsessed.

The other day in the mail I got an envelope from an address that I didn't recognize. It was not a business mailing so I was curious and opened it. Inside was a letter showing how I could make thousands and thousands of dollars for very little money. As I read further I learned I was supposed to mail an amount of money ($1 or $5, I can't remember which) to 6 people on a list included with the letter. Then I was to replace one name with mine and mail this letter off. The letter told me I could just mail it to people I know (yeah, right) or I could purchase mailing lists. For which they provided a list of companies that sell mailing lists.

I found this letter fascinating and wondered how many people do it. Obviously some do since I received it. Also, who's mailing lists am I on???? I do know that mailing lists are big business and if you can get lists of people that actually respond your golden. Unfortunately, I'm not a responder. I get offers in the mail and rarely act on them. But lists of proven responders, and they are out there, are worth a lot of money.

Anyway, I did not send my money out or buy a mailing list but I thought this is a pretty interesting gimmick.

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