05 May 2007

Going out on a limb

Okay, here goes nothing. I've started a new blog. I've jumped in and gotten my own domain name and started up a blog. There are few entries there and there will be more daily. As you all know I'm doing this paid blogging gig. Well, it's working out well. I'm making pretty good money for not a whole lot of work. But, as I said in the last post, I've become obsessed with money, I want to make more. By having my own domain name and not being associated with blogger, I'll be eligible for more offers. But I need to build up my rankings. So I'm asking all who read this to please go there but more important, to link there from your blog. I will most likely be keeping this blog and using that one as my main money making blog. But please, I need links. Please link to my new blog: www.flosplaceonline.com . Thank you. I will be repeating this plea so be prepared :)

Maybe I'll get some business cards printed with nothing but the url and just leave them all over the place :).

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