19 July 2007

I'm not so tired today

I think I figured out why I was so tired the past few days. As is my wont because I am a maniac, when I started Precision Nutrition even though it was very similar to the way I was eating, I cut back on my portion sizes - a lot!! I think I cut them back too far and just plan wasn't getting enough food. Tuesday night I looked everything over very carefully and realized what I had done. Yesterday I ate more. Not a lot more, but more. 6 oz of chicken instead of 4 oz. Things like that. Yesterday I felt better, today I feel much better. I guess I have to be careful. I do workout very hard, and my job is running around the lab all day. I don't have much time for sitting on my butt, except for like now :). Although I'm trying to lose weight I need to eat enough to live my life.

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