19 July 2007

This will keep me in bed.

I was really looking forward to my run this morning. I had set up my Garmin last night so I would be running against a virtual partner (how cool is that??) and I had a goal, a pace I wanted to run at. I was set.

I was in bed at a decent hour last night and I slept good - real good. The alarm goes off and I hit the snooze (this is typical). The alarm went off again 9 minutes later (why is it 9 minutes???) and I hit the snooze but then laid there preparing to get up. I was stretching a little and just waking up when all of a sudden it started pouring rain. I mean pouring. It was so loud I didn't hear the alarm when it went off again.

So yeah, I rolled over and slept a little longer. That will keep me in bed every time. So today will be my rest day. Oh well, the best laid plans.......

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