02 August 2007

Busy day...

Was up and out early today, after my workout, and on the road for hours. I'm glad to be home. Hey, I'm on vacation, I should be resting not driving......

This is very cool. A while back I told you guys about Canvasondemand.com. A service that takes your digital pictures and puts them on canvas. As a benefit for posting about them I got one free. It arrived this morning before I left on my adventure. Here it is:

They are sitting next to a picture of themselves. You can not believe how nice this is.

Here is a picture of just the picture. This is amazing. I can not believe how nice this came out.

I'm taking it tomorrow to get it framed. I definitely want to hang this puppy (hahaha).

When I heard of this I thought it was a great idea, I'm even more impressed with the actual result.

This is a 16"x20" and it's good sized. It makes the kids look almost life sized. I'm so happy with this.

This would make and awesome gift, to yourself or someone else. A birthday gift, or an anniversary gift, or a wedding gift for a new couple.

You can also get things done to the picture. They can remove things, remove redeye, make a collage out of a bunch of pictures, make it in black and white, they can even add brush strokes on the canvas so it really looks like a painting. It's truly amazing. I just can not get over how nice it is.

I now forever have my kids immortalized on canvas. Now that is cool.

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