01 September 2007

September 1

You all know how I love new beginnings. The first of every month I turn over the calendar page and it's like a fresh, clean slate just waiting to be drawn on. I love the thought of possibilities. What can be? I do believe the possibilities are endless and great things can be achieved in 30 days. That's what's going to happen this month. Starting today, I'm back into serious tri training mode.

Very shortly I'm going to hop on my bike and head out for a long ride. I haven't ridden a lot lately so I'm hoping to get about 15-20 miles in. I'm looking more for time. I want to ride for 1-1 1/2 hours. I really need to give my new bike a good test and today is it.

During my ride I'm stopping at the running store to buy a new pair of shoes. I have managed to tame my plantar (notice I didn't say it's gone!) by wearing my Asics 1120 for a few weeks now. Those shoes do not bother, and in fact help, my plantar. However, I've been unable to find them anywhere in my size. I really hate that they change running shoes so often. I bought these on closeout and had no idea they would become my lifesaver. Anyway, I'm going to talk to the folks at the running store and see what they recommend.

Tomorrow I plan on getting up early and heading out. I'm going to get a run in and then a swim at the beach. I'm looking forward to that, it will be fun. Monday it will be another long bike ride since it's a holiday :)

My general plan is; Mon, Weds, Fri mornings bike. Tues, Thurs mornings run. Every evening weights or core training. Weekends will be swimming, biking and running. The tri I'm training for is only a 400 m swim. I'm thinking ocean swimming will get me ready for that no problem. That's how I trained for it 3 years ago. Fridays will actually be optional. I'll probably take a rest day on Fridays. We'll see.

That's the tentative game plan for this month. I'm a little more heavily bike focused since the Century Ride is in 27 days. Next month I'll focus a little more on swimming since it will be closer to the tri.

So there you have it. A fresh, clean slate and the desire to color it with activity.

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Fe-lady said...

It IS a new month isn't it? Wow...been sick so barely noticed...time to get OUT of bed and back on the roads! Have fun!

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