01 September 2007


I'll spare you the details, but my body has been going through some changes lately. I'm getting older and changes occur. For the last few weeks I've been experiencing hot flashes like you wouldn't believe. All of sudden I'm covered in sweat where a minute ago I was totally comfortable. Weird.

I've thought about taking something for these symptoms but I don't know what. I've read that some people have had great success with progesterone to help control all kinds of hormonal imbalances. While I'm not thrilled about taking pills or anything, you can get progesterone cream. Maybe that's the way to go.

I am a cautious about anything that messes with your hormones. Hormones control every single function in your body and I do not want to screw things up. But, on the other hand, for centuries women have been using things that mimic hormones to help ease symptoms of PMS or menopause. So maybe a natural progesterone cream wouldn't be so bad. It'd be better than taking a pill I'm sure.

I'm not sure. I'm going to increase my activity level and see how that effects my hormones first.

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Linda said...

There is one bonus to hot flashes and that is that in the winter you can get up and enjoyably stroll to the bathroom nekked and not freeze while you take a pee! I'm just suffering through the menopause mauve stage and excercize seems to help a lot.

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