02 September 2007

Starting off good.

Yesterday I went for my morning bike ride. It was okay. This bike is so different from my old one that I'm really taking time to adjust to it. Yesterday was the first time I rode out in traffic. It. was. scary. The worst part is that the more nervous I got the more the bike wobbled. The bike responds to every little muscle twitch. I literally had to talk myself down, breathing and telling myself to relax. After a couple of minutes it was okay. I then rode for around an hour, just cruising around. It was fun.

I stopped at the running store to get a new pair of shoes. I, or should I say my plantar, has been doing really well in my Asics 1120. I haven't been able to find them anywhere so had decided to go to the local running store to try and find some new shoes. They actually had the 1120's. I couldn't believe it. I tried them on and they are different from the ones I have. The arch didn't hit in the right place. I then proceeded to try a number of different type of shoes in a couple of different sizes and was having no luck at all. The problem is that the arches hit too far back on my arch. I believe this is what caused my PF in the first place. We even tried a bunch of different insoles and they all hit in the same spot. It was pretty bad. Finally the girl brought out a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 7. I have never tried Brooks but at this point I'm game to try anything. They felt pretty good so I ended up taking them.

This morning was the real test. I got up and with some trepidation headed out on my run. Oh yeah, I was going to go to Ala Moana and swim also but I slept on my arm wrong last night and I had trouble lifting it over my head. Maybe tomorrow. Anyway, I headed out on the run real slow. I was making sure my form was perfect and that I wasn't heel striking. I was paying close attention to my foot waiting for signs of the PF flaring up. I ended up doing 2 slow miles without any pain. That was a relief. I then wore the shoes around while I did housework and the whole time the foot felt good. I think I may have a winner. I'm going to run 2 more times this week. If things remain good, I'm going to go and buy another pair next weekend.

Well, I thought this would be quick post. Guess not! Anyway, I'm off to cruise the mall and hit the bookstore. After that it's grocery shopping. I know, you're jealous, I lead such an exciting life.


Anna said...

It's pretty scary out there in traffic as it is. I'm glad you were able to work it out and have an enjoyable ride. I'm also glad you found a pair of shoes that are working. There's nothing like a good pair of shoes!

Duane said...

Good fitting shoes are tough to find! Hope those work well! Did you post a pic of the new bike?

Jane Doe said...

Biking and running.
Yes I am jealous.
The problem with being a blogger and writer is it is all sedentary. In the beginning, I used to have a hard time sitting still. Now I have a hard time getting in gear to work out.

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