04 October 2007

Another missed day.

Yesterday I got sidetracked by the Internet. Today was very different.

I am bird sitting 2 birds. The owner brought them over last night and we were till 9 pm. getting everyone settled. When he finally left, I sat in the room and talked to the birds a little to try and calm them down. The owner told me the big one likes to go to bed early and will make noise if it's too light or too much movement. But the little one is fine. So finally about 10 I had everyone settled in and headed off to bed. The big one was quiet and not saying a word. The little one though started this scream that was most annoying. It wasn't constant, she'd just randomly scream. I figured she'd settle down so I let her go. Also, hubby was playing cards and I figured she could hear the people and that's why she was screaming. Finally about 11 pm hubby comes to bed. All is quiet and I figure she will now settle down. It was good for about 30 minutes, then she started in again. I left her for a little while to see if she'd settle back down. No such luck. Finally at midnight I got up and covered her cage. Once she settled down all was quiet. So I did not get to sleep until almost 1 am. When the alarm went off there was no getting up. I just couldn't do it.

So 2 mornings missed but that's okay. I plan on going to bed early tonight and getting lots of sleep. Tomorrow it's right back into it. I'm very tired this morning, I do hope it's quiet at work.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, bird sitting sounds like much more work than I would assumed it to be. It looks like you are at least in a pretty nice location (Hawaii... sigh, I miss living there). I usd to live just west of there near Honolulu. I want to go back!

Fe-lady said...

I just have to tell you this...I had a dream last night that I was going through my divorce (a long time ago) and finally conceded to move from this house and get an apartment with my daughter) In my dream I found myself really sad that I wouldn't have my nice bathroom and kitchen sinks/faucets! THAT's what I was going to miss about the house! Weird huh?

Vickie said...

Someone in my office found a cockatiel on the road last night and is looking for a home. Too bad you live so far away!

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