20 October 2007

Todays workout done.

I forget how good certain workouts make me feel. My main objective over the next few months is to lose some fat and get into shape to start serious tri training in January. One of the things I'm focusing on is weight training. More muscles = more calories burned all the time. I've been doing some programs and they have worked well but I was getting bored. This morning I found a series of weight training DVDs that I bought last year and had forgotten about.

I really like them because they are based on a number of concepts I think work. First, they include cardio intervals which I really believe burn serious fat. Secondly, they use compound movements. So instead of just doing bicep curls, you do curls with a squat. More muscles utilized for a more intense workout. Anyway, I did one this morning and these totally rock. I really enjoy doing them and I get an awesome workout. It's perfect. I have 4 of them so I think I'll use these for a while for my strength training. I love them. Oh yeah, they are called Ripped and they are awesome.

After that I calibrated my Nike+. That was just a short run up the road. I wanted it to be all ready for tomorrows run. I'm thinking I might go long. I don't know maybe 2 miles :)

Anyway, I just wanted to post because I do forget these things. Since I'm feeling better, I'm really getting back into working out and pushing my body. I love it. If things go as planned I'll have to send out announcements advertising the new me :)

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Dances with Corgis said...

Getting back into it is such an awesome feeling.

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