20 October 2007

Quiet week

It's been an introspective week here at chez Flo. I had to get a new iPod since mine is beginning to die. The battery charge is only lasting a couple of hours now so I know that soon it will stop holding a charge completely. After searching around I settled on a 2nd gen Nano. I got it on Monday and wow!!! It's small. Compared to the old one which is like a 1st gen original. It even has the 4 buttons which they took away immediately. So, since I had the Nano I realized I could get the Nike+. So I got that plus a sensor holder since I don't wear Nikes. I'm going to give it a test drive today and see how I like it. I have to calibrate it and then tomorrow is the big test.

I have been running and I'm beginning to love it again. I'm up to a whooping 1.5 miles but I want to build really slowly. Nothing at all hurts and I want it to stay that way. I was out running on Thursday and I was feeling so good, I was smiling like a fool and thought to myself, it's lucky it's dark cause I look like an idiot. But it's so good to be back running and feeling good again. I haven't run like this in 2 1/2 years. I want this feeling to stay. I love it.

I've been doing some aerobics too. I noticed that my aerobic capacity had really diminished over this year since I hadn't been running or doing lots of aerobic stuff. I know that the best way to increase my aerobic capacity is to do aerobics. I have some great DVD's that have strength training and aerobic intervals. It's really helping, I can see it in my running.

So I'm feeling good and things are moving along. You can tell it's getting to be fall, the playoffs have been on TV. Pretty soon the World Series will be on. I know people who can't wait get world series tickets, which I don't understand. Baseball is boring. Of course, watching most sports is boring, I'd much rather be doing something. Speaking of doing something, I'm off to go work out and calibrate my Nike+.

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